Our Business

Industrial Automation

This area of business offers state-of-the-art control equipment and systems for factory automation. With products ranging from sensors and controllers to network products for interconnecting devices, OMRON helps manufacturers worldwide enhance quality, safety and the environment by promoting manufacturing innovation.

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Mechanical Components

OMRON’s electronic components business offers relays, switches, connectors and other essential devices used in consumer electronics and other applications.

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By drawing on the company’s proprietary bio-information sensing technology, OMRON’s home-use healthcare products and services are designed to make health monitoring easier and more reliable for customers worldwide. Sophisticated inspections systems and other medical equipment are also available for professional use.

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Social Systems

With the goal of creating safer and more comfortable living environments, OMRON offers diverse systems, solutions and services that support social infrastructure. Areas of focus include train station solutions such as automated ticket gates and ticket vending machines, as well as road traffic solutions such as traffic control systems.

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