Electronic And Mechanical Components

OMRON’s electronic components business offers relays, switches, connectors and other essential devices used in consumer electronics and other applications. OMRON breakthroughs in this area include:

• The world’s smallest and lightest high-capacity DC power relays for hybrid vehicles

• OKAO Vision face sensing system for digital cameras

• High-resolution, high-brightness LED backlights for mobile phones
These are just a few examples of OMRON’s high-performance product lines in this rapidly growing field.

Product Category


High-precision signal relays, PCB power relays and SSRs from the makers of the world’s first solid-state, non-contact relay.


Featuring next-gen models like photomicrosensors, multi-beam sensors, micro-displacement sensors and other photosensors.


A comprehensive range featuring specialised models for micro-power detection, and the world’s smallest switches.


Designed for printed circuit boards and mobile devices. Includes models with our patented rotary backlock mechanism for a complete connection.

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