Social Systems

With the goal of creating safer and more comfortable living environments, OMRON offers diverse systems, solutions and services that support social infrastructure. Areas of focus include train station solutions such as automated ticket gates and ticket vending machines, as well as road traffic solutions such as traffic control systems.

Product Category

Automatic Fare Collection

Fare collection and contactless IC card solutions from the pioneers of the field, easing station congestions and enabling seamless transport transfers between transport systems

Electronic Fund Transfer Solutions

Secure and safe cutting-edge payment terminals that responds to the diverse settlement scenarios

Traffic Monitoring System

Utilises advanced Sensing and Control technology to deliver smoother traffic flow, shorter travel times, safer road conditions, reduced pollution and better productivity for society.

Monitoring Solutions

Utilizes sensing & control technology to monitor the status of various facilities and structures that supports the society and the dynamics of human beings

Environmental Solutions

Through-the-line solutions for the generation, storage and saving of energy. Designed to provide sustainable clean energy for future generations.

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